What music lovers are saying

The listening guide is a wonderful tool. I did not actually use it during the performance [of Beethoven Symphony No. 5], but have used it since in listening to the music to enhance my understanding and appreciation.
— Toronto, ON, Sep 28, 2015
Please tell Hannah that she must create one for every symphony. So clear and helpful! And then she can create them for all other works!
— Toronto, ON, Oct 6, 2015
One highly visible change is the [TSO]’s program booklet, now called Key, edited by a musicologist Hannah Chan-Hartley. [...] Another thing Dr. Chan-Hartley has done in this edition is design a three-page visual listening guide to La Mer, with indicators as to which instruments are being featured at various moments – I think it’s a brilliant thing and look forward to more of the same.
— Concerto.net, Oct 21, 2015
I especially love the schematic [of Debussy’s La mer]. I am personally very interested in data analysis and visualization. This answers my personal question about how a conductor sees a piece of music.
— Toronto, ON, Oct 27, 2015
The new program design is brilliant...Particularly enjoyed the profile of featured musicians and the cover artist, as well as the delightful visual interpretation of Symphony Pathetique. Very refreshing take.
— Toronto, ON, Nov 18, 2015
We were fascinated by the visual listening guide to the [Tchaikovsky’s] 6th symphony, provided in the program. It guides our listening, and brings to life the concept of “active listening”.
— Toronto, ON, Dec 4, 2015
Really like the new graphic guide to music and program book design. Keep up with new ways to let people learn about music.
— Toronto, ON, Dec 21, 2015
At the moment, some outstanding work by your graphics and musicologist folks is making the Facebook and social media rounds. I’m referring to the road maps of the pieces. It’s fine work. [...] It supports art, it advances art understanding, and the graphics work is beautiful art on its own. It is clever and it is useful. Who could ask for more?
— San Francisco, CA, May 27, 2016